Best Cake Recipes

Homemade cakes are the best. They are worth the time.

There are so many different best cake recipes, one can get lost in the supply that is on the internet.  I can promise you that all the homemade cake recipes found on my page are tested by me and my family and that they all taste good. 

Moist chocolate cake with apples and rum

Easy cake with chocolate chips. Great for kids.

Cinnamon cake.  Great recipe for a coffee or tea time with friends.

Peacan cake with coffee cream filling and icing.

Moist yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing.

Chocolate cake with cherries and oatmeal.

Easy basic cake.  Can be iced or baked with small sour fruits.

Dry cake with chocolate chips. Perfect dessert with coffee.

German Chocolate Cake Recipe Donauwelle Recipe - step by step instructions with pictures.

Flourless meringue cake with coffee cream filling.

Meringue tangerine torte.  A cake for a festive occasion.

Moist carrot cake  iced with white chocolate frosting.

Delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. 

I have some easy cake recipes with grounded walnuts or almonds instead of flour and some simple but tasty recipes for birthday cakes.  If you need more easy cake recipes with fruits, go to my fruit cake collection page. 

My all-time favorite cake is a  chocolate cake that I first ate at my mother-in-law’s.  I have to say, it immediately became my preferred cake.   Since I got that easy cake recipe, I've baked it many, many times.  Of course this recipe is here in my collection, so make sure to give it a look.  The cake really tastes delicious.

The pictures that I included for my homemade cake recipes should help you with the baking process.  In addition, I always write a little about a given easy recipe.  It is not much but it gives you an idea about the cake, its taste and the variations you could make.  Also some baking tips are included and I hope that they will be helpful to you. 
Enjoy these best cake recipes.

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