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I wanted to tell you something about me so you know a little the person behind the homemade cake recipe.com.

Hello, my name is Barbara and I love baking. I enjoy it much more than cooking and in the end my family profits from my hobby since they get a cake every other day. The best thing is that they eat it and I get to bake another one.

That is how this thing got started; well actually my friend gave me the idea to do something on the internet once the kids went to kindergarten. I wanted to do something productive, not watch TV all morning long. I’m a stay at home mom and since we live in Germany I can’t really have a full time job since there is no grandma to look after the kids once they come back from school/kindergarten. So I started typing my favorite recipes and am slowly building this website.

My baking has European influence, since I was born in Poland, grew up in the States, and now live in Germany. That is why a lot of the recipes have grams and “ml” but whenever I could I translated the amounts to cups and ounces. Some of the recipes come from my mother in law. One chocolate cake became instantly a favorite of mine and I passed the recipe to my large family in Poland, where once baked, it disappears immediately.

I hope that you will enjoy trying out these recipes and that you will have fun baking. If you have any questions or problems with the recipes, just write me an e-mail and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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