Princess Castle Birthday Cake Ideas

Detailed instructions on how to make a castle cake

I made this princess castle birthday cake for my daughter's friend birthday. She loved all my castle cake ideas. Her favorite part were the towers covered in royal icing.

castle birthday cake This princess castle cake was definitely a highlight of her birthday party. If you want to know how to make a castle cake then keep reading and you will be able to make a birthday castle cake yourself.

Castle Birthday Cake
How to Make a Castle Cake

I started making this princess castle birthday cake from the towers. I knew that it will take a while to complete this castle birthday cake so I made the towers on one day and the rest of the cake the next day.

For the towers I used two types of ice-cream cones. The cup looking like cone was used for the tower, and the actual cone shape for the top. I doubled my recipe of royal icing (2 egg whites) and iced the cones used for the tower, but not for the top.

I glued one inverted cone on top of another to make each tower. I used a small amount if royal icing to do that. I piped some royal icing around the seal in-between the two cones and using tweezers, I placed some pink and violet hearts. The hearts were store-bought.

Once the icing on the cones hardened, I colored some of the icing green and piped the vines. I used tip #2 for the stem, and used a leaf tip #67 for the leafs.

I colored some of the icing pink and using tip #225 made the flowers. Then, I used yellow icing and tip #2 for the dot inside the flower.

I piped the flowers onto parchment paper and let them dry before using them. That way, if you make a flower that is not so pretty, you can just throw it out, or eat it, instead of having to correct it on the cake. I saved the flowers for later.

I also colored some coarse sugar with red food coloring by placing the sugar in a small sandwich bag and adding couple of drops of red color. I kneaded the bag to distribute the coloring and ended up with all different shades of pink sugar. I saved the sugar for the next day.

On the same day I baked the small round cake. I used my recipe for chocolate sponge cake and a 6" spring form. I poured the rest of the dough into another small form and baked them next to each other.

After that, I baked the bottom of the cake using 1/2 recipe of sponge cake recipe. Next time I would use 3/4 of the recipe to make the cake higher. I used a 9.5’’ (23 cm) square form. I placed both cakes in the fridge to make it crumb less during icing.

On the second day, I made one batch of buttercream icing. It was enough for me, but if you like to use a lot of frosting, then you might need to double the ingredients.

The eggs I used had yolks which had a deep yellow color. The icing came out as light yellow. I cut both of the cakes into two layers and soaked each layer with syrup. I smeared some of the icing on each bottom part and covered with the top. Afterwards, I iced the bottom square cake completely. castle birthday cake I cut drinking straw into pieces that were the same length as the bottom cake was thick. I placed the straws into the bottom cake to serve as pillars to support the top cake.

From cardboard I cut out a circle that was the same size as the top cake. I placed the round cardboard onto the inserted straws and the round cake on top of that. I strongly recommend you to do that. The last thing you want after all this work is a sinking top of your castle birthday cake.

Once the top of the cake was placed, I iced the whole cake. While the cake was cooling, I made from melted chocolate the windows and the door.

I placed the chocolate in a freezer for 1 hour so it would set faster. I would recommend doing that a day before, since the chocolate was melting rather quickly while I was placing it on the cake. To pipe the windows and door I used a regular syringe that I got from my kid’s doctor.

princess castle cake As the chocolate was cooling and the cake was chilling in the fridge, I made one more batch of royal icing. I smeared the ice cream cones with it and rolled in the colored sugar. I placed then the top cones onto the prepared towers and fixed them with some more royal icing.

To attach the towers to the cake, I cut some of the corners of the cake and attached the towers using more colored royal icing. I piped the royal icing all around the towers to make sure that they don't fall.

Once the chocolate was cooled, I attached the door and the windows to the castle birthday cake. I made the white window lines with royal icing.

It is easier to first place the window on the cake and then to pipe out the white borders. I tried doing it the other way around and it was just messy. I attached the royal icing flowers and leafs to the cake and piped with leftover buttercream icing border all around the cake. For the border I used tip #18.

I really hope that my detailed instructions on how to make a castle cake will help you in your baking quest. Visit my site next time you need to bake a princess castle birthday cake.

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